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Our second series of four Climate Forum talks in Autumn 2016

poster Ground source heat pumps for Reading  11 November 2017

This ‘Reading Climate Forum’ event was held at on  20 November 2017, in the conference hall at RISC – 35 London Street, Reading.   Rayner Mayer (Sciotech) – explained the need for ground source heat pumps in Reading, and the opportunity we have to take advantage of the chalk that underlies the town. Chris Beales …

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poster The effect of architecture on urban design  

Professor Lorraine Farrelly – Thursday 17th November 2016 “The effect of Architecture and Urban design on new buildings and refurbishments to achieve low environmental impact” Professor Lorraine Farrelly has adopted our suggested topic for a School of Architecture public meeting. Thursday 17th November 2016. 6:00 pm in the School of Architecture Building, London Road campus, …

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poster How to save on space-heating  10 November 2017

This is the first of our Autumn 2016 series of public talks related to climate change. Tony Cowling and Ian Gough will be giving practical steps on how to save energy in our homes. They will be giving practical advice on retro-fitting domestic energy-saving measures, including: Insulation (loft, CWI, EWI, IWI) Building fabric Heating controls …

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