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Event by Reading Bike Kitchen

Welcome to Reading Bike Kitchen, a we-help-you-fix-it bicycle workshop where you are in charge. Whether you have a bike that’s been sitting in the garage for years and you want to get cycling again, or just need some advice and access to tools then you have come to the right place. We also recycle or re-use virtually all parts of a bike that can’t be saved.

Takes place every Saturday from 10am to 2pm at Unit C10, Weldale Street, Reading RG1 7BX

We have 5 fully equipped work stands and lots of enthusiastic volunteers to help you. Please use the signed back entrance.

We keep prices as low as possible, for a small job that takes under 30 minutes it’s £5.00, otherwise it’s just £10 an hour. Complex jobs may be charged at a higher rate.


We collect and recycle used inner tubes (Not slime tubes) through Schwalbe who use them to make new inner tubes saving up to 80% energy and material wastage. This ensures they are reused rather than going into landfill. Please drop them off to us only when we are open.

We also recycle tyres – for a small fee of £2 – again so that they don’t go to the tip.

All metal and rigid plastics are recycled so there is virtually nothing that is simply dumped.


If you have a bike, in reasonable condition, that we can (with a bit of work) pass on to a deserving new owner, then we would be very grateful. Some bikes will be reconditioned and donated to people in need. We can also accept used D locks so people given donated bicycles can keep them safe. Other bicycles will be refurbished, safety checked, then recycled to grateful new owners and the proceeds used to support the project.

RBK have provided bicycles for Ukrainian refugees, the homeless, children’s homes, other refugee families, Berkshire Women’s Aid and also tricycles for the disabled. We recycle donated bikes to make low cost bicycles available to everyone and encourage cycling in the town.

If you have something that may fit the bill, please email us:


We support local and national charities. Each year the regular volunteers are each invited to nominate a charity and any surplus funds are then donated to them. We donated a total of £10,000 to various charities in 2023 including Cyclists Fighting Cancer, Launchpad, Cancer Research UK, Age UK, Alzheimer’s Society and Medecins San Frontieres.

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