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Location: Reading, Broad Street, in front of the Oracle

In solidarity with the school strikes for climate and the UCU and CWU strikes for pay and pension, Earth Strike UK, Reading branch invites you to Reading’s very own anti Black Friday event, Green Friday, organised in collaboration with a lot of splendid Reading people.

We want to include showcases of alternative economies, like self- and community production of food, exchange economy, fairtrade, etc… to highlight how people could have a good, meaningful life even without consumerism and the exploitation of both workers and environment. We’re planning for a book/clothes swap and for info session with distributions of leaflets and other literature.

This would also be a good way to start the conversation about what type of change we want to see to implement social and global justice as well as environmental care in the transition away from a fossil fuel and financialised capitalism dominated economy.

Can you come down to Reading around lunchtime on the day to help out?

We need:

– donations for the book/clothes swap

– flyers for your mutual-aid/upcycling/circular economy/sustainability initiative, so we can make it known to the public

– volunteers to help and engage with the public

– your imagination!



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