Government Consultation on The future for small-scale low-carbon generation

This seeks to identify the challenges and opportunities from small-scale low carbon electricity generation in contributing to government’s objectives for clean, affordable, secure and flexible power. It also seeks information on the role for government and the private sector in overcoming these challenges and realising these opportunities.

This call for evidence is aimed at individuals and groups with any interest in the small scale low carbon industry. In particular the government is seeking views from affected individuals, energy suppliers, and industry, including manufacturers suppliers and installers.

Consultation closes 30th August


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icon Government Consultation on Feed–in-tariffs scheme

This consultation is seeking views on the closure of the scheme  for small-scale low-carbon installations to new applicants from March 2019 Consultation Closes 30 September 2018 https://www.gov.uk/government/consultations/feed-in-tariffs-scheme