Date: 08/10/21

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Join Dr. Eugene Mohareb and Reading Friends of the Earth – processing and distributing food produced more emissions than farming in USA.

The substantial contribution of food consumption to climate change necessitates urgent action to reduce the carbon intensity of the food system. While food system GHG strategies often focus on food production the urban influence dominates this sector’s emissions and consumers in cities must be the primary drivers of mitigation. Life cycle analysis of the United States food system in 2010 showed that cities directly influence approximately two-thirds of all food sector GHG emissions.

The potential for cities to reduce emissions through selected policy goals, such as scaling up urban agriculture, increasing home delivery of groceries, changes in diet, reducing food wastage or diversion of food waste from landfill will be discussed.

Dr. Eugene Mohareb is a Lecturer in Sustainable Urban Systems at the University of Reading. His research explores urban greenhouse gas (GHG) mitigation measures and policy goals related to food, housing, and waste management.

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