Could you help develop Local and National Policies?

National and Local Government Departments consult on new policies, plans and legislation. Everyone is invited to give their views.

Unfortunately, although the authorities contact people or groups that they think might want to give views, most people only get to know about a consultation when the media reports on the final outcomes.

Please take part

Reading Borough Council allows you to search for consultations across the Borough or in your immediate area on their website

All current (and closed) consultations from central government are shown on  the website

We are showing a few of the current open consultations relevant to environmental issues and climate change in the Reading area below

The latest consultation posts follow:

icon Government Consultation on Household waste duty of care: updating the guidance  10 August 2018

The Duty of Care is the requirement for the producers of waste to take adequate care about disposal, such as not choosing a cheap contractor who will dump it in the countryside, or describing the waste wrongly. This consultation is seeking views on the updated guidance for householders and new guidance for local authorities on meeting …

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icon Government Consultation on The future for small-scale low-carbon generation  

This seeks to identify the challenges and opportunities from small-scale low carbon electricity generation in contributing to government’s objectives for clean, affordable, secure and flexible power. It also seeks information on the role for government and the private sector in overcoming these challenges and realising these opportunities. This call for evidence is aimed at individuals …

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photo Reading & Caversham flood scheme consultation  6 August 2018

  The Environment Agency has just finished a consultation on a proposed flood alleviation scheme for Reading and Caversham. This finished on the 26th July but you can view the plans here: If you scroll down to the bottom of the first page there are hyperlinks to the plans etc.   The website describes …

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