Getting Involved

Could you help support current  projects delivering change in Reading? Perhaps by supporting individual projects, helping at a local event, collecting data on butterflies in your garden or joining a local conservation work party? 

Maybe you’d like to know more about particular issues? There are lectures, workshops, informal groups and NGOs covering an amazing range of subjects in our town

There are loads of opportunities for action and interaction in Reading, some of which are listed below, together with links to other websites with specific activity calendars.

  • Want to get automatic emails of environmental events in the Reading area? (or to inform the network about your upcoming events?) then join the Greater Reading Environmental Network and sign up for event listings at www.gren.org.uk
  •  Interested in practical conservation work? Econet is a grouping of practical conservation groups in the Reading area working on Wildlife Heritage sites, nature reserves, schools etc.
Bench making at Clayfield Copse
  • Contact information for the local groups and a list of upcoming tasks are all on their website. www.econetreading.org.uk . Their “links” page gives contact details for nature conservation organisations  so if you’d rather get involved in monitoring butterflies, growing a wildlife garden, helping to identify swift nests, then this is the place to find a contact.

The Conservation Volunteers run tasks every Thursday in this area and have the programmes for Green Gym and other local groups; BBOWT, the Local Wildlife Trust, also run a Thursday programme of conservation activities on nature reserve across Berkshire. View volunteering options on their website or contact  the berkshireoffice@bbowt.org.uk to join the team

  • What about helping a local charitable organisation  or giving a hand at a local event?

Reading Voluntary Action collates volunteering opportunities across the Borough for all sectors, and this is the best place to start looking

The GREN website has the contact details and a brief description of activities for over fifty local groups in the Reading area in the environmental sector. One of them is sure to meet your interests and all of them welcome new members and helpers.

Lunch is ready

You don’t have to commit to regular involvement: what about helping at the Reading Town Meal once a year? This amazing event connects food growers in the town and Reading College catering students to cook up 6000 free meals in the Forbury from surplus produce. Can you supply excess vegetables? are you willing to shake a bucket on the day?  could you teach children to juggle? Will you help collecting equipment? Many skills make the event. Check out the website and contact the organisers.

  • Want to keep in touch with ReadingCan, or help with our activities? Just send us an email to climate.change@reading.gov.uk  Our keeping in touch page tells you our limited mailing strategy


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