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poster Climate justice and sustainable development – an interactive discussion  8 November 2017

Rayner Mayer – 29 June 2016 Dr Rayner Mayer (from Sciotech Projects and University of Reading) hosted a lively discussion on the ethics related to climate change. He introduced the following 3 topics, after which the audience debated the issues. Climate Justice: In the first section, Rayner introduced the concept of Climate Justice. He reminded …

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poster Carbon Pricing – so polluters pay and people profit  30 March 2016

Clive Elsworth – 30 March 2016 On Wednesday 30th March the second in a series of ‘Reading climate forums’ discussed ‘carbon pricing’ – under which the cost of damage expected from global warming would be reflected in the price of fossil fuels. Speaker Clive Elsworth from the UK branch of the Citizens Climate Lobby www.facebook.com/CitizensClimateLobbyUK …

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