We are Reading’s biggest network for collective action on climate change

We're here to help Reading achieve its goal to be net zero - and a better place to live - by 2030.

You can get involved as an individual, an organisation, or both. There are countless creative ways to be part of Reading's journey to net zero. (A good place to start? Adopt our Reading Climate Pledge for Individuals or Organisations!)

Our growing network is supported by a voluntary steering group made up of climate leaders from local businesses, the Council, university, charities and other organisations. Together we convene the annual Reading Climate Festival; our town’s 5-year Climate Emergency Action Plans; a newsletter and this website.

Reading is facing a climate crisis and we are all part of the solution

We can stop adding to the causes of this global crisis and build resilience to its effects

Joining forces will help us overcome challenges on the path to net zero

How to make a difference

First steps you can take to be part of collective climate action in Reading


How can I help my organisation change?

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What changes can I make in my home life?

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Acting together

Why join the network?

  • Learn how to take action on climate change
  • Find out about organisations and services that make it easy
  • Receive invitations to our events
  • Collaborate with like-minded people

Areas where you can help

Take a look at the areas where you can make a positive change today

A network for collective action

Priorities for 2024

In 2024 our focus is on Reading Climate Festival 2024 (running from 8 - 21 June this year) as well as a public participation campaign to create our town's next Climate Emergency Action Plan, covering the critical years from 2025 - 2030.

Our steering group brings people together for collective action and decision-making. If you spot an opportunity to contribute time or resources, please get in touch!

Make sure to sign up to our newsletter and follow us on Instagram to get involved in local climate action in 2024.

Read our current climate plan



Learn, collaborate and network

    Online/in person

    Date: 08/06/24 - 21/06/24

    Reading Climate Festival 2024

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    In person

    Date: 11/06/24 - 11/06/24

    Wellbeing Walk in Green Park – route 1

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    Date: 11/06/24 - 11/06/24

    Campaigns to Change Systems

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Organisations in Reading have already joined the climate action network

Organisations working together can achieve so much more: in their own operations, along their supply chain and with customers.

What you can do as an organisation


Individuals in Reading have already joined the climate action network

The more people who join us and begin to take action, or step up their action, on climate change, the more we can achieve together.

What you can do as an individual

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