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Reading and Caversham Flood Alleviation Scheme newsletter – 14 December 2021

Necessary increases in scheme costs…means the proposed scheme is not cost beneficial and will not be eligible for Government funding.

We have concluded our review of the proposed scheme for Reading and Caversham of flood walls, earth embankments and a bypass channel to reduce the risk of flooding to homes and businesses. This included a review of the scheme costs and benefits.

We found that there is an increase in costs and a reduction in the economic benefits the scheme could provide. We follow the Flood and Coastal Erosion Risk Management Appraisal Guidance which assures how public money is spent. Necessary increases in scheme costs, including the construction of the bypass channel and associated works and reduction in the economic benefits means the proposed scheme is not cost beneficial and will not be eligible for Government funding.

The scheme would lead to a slight increase in flood levels to a small number of properties elsewhere, which is not acceptable.

We have looked at various options to reduce flood risk in the north Reading and Lower Caversham area. We have not been able to find a cost beneficial option and recommend that the scheme is not progressed.

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