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University of Reading mobilises millions of people around the world on #ShowYourStripes Day 2023

~ In 2018, the University of Reading’s Ed Hawkins created an infographic. No words. No numbers. Just a vertical stripe for each year since the mid 1800’s.

Blues are cooler than average, reds hotter. The deep red stripes on the right of the graphic show how quickly temperatures have risen in the last few decades.

Since then, climate stripes have gone viral. We have climate stripes to show global temperature change and climate stripes to show temperature changes in over 200 countries, states and cities.

On the 21st June 2023 – International #ShowYourStripes Day – the climate stripes were projected onto the White Cliffs of Dover and the Tate Modern chimney; at Times Square in New York and on CN Tower in Toronto. The image was tweeted by Netflix to its millions of followers.

An initiative that began in our town encouraged millions of people around the world to reflect on what these rising temperatures mean for our ecosystems and our children, and offered them a way to start climate conversations.

Have a look at for more info.

University of Reading website shows photos of climate stripes projected onto landmarks around the world.

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