A Hot Bin is a vertical composter that uses a fast aerobic process to convert garden and food waste into good quality compost over a period of 1-3 months.


Making good quality compost (weed and disease-free) is a hard ask in most small gardens as there isn’t the quantity of suitable mixed materials to ensure that the compost heats up enough to kill weed seeds and spores. Food waste added to the compost heap would help the process but can attract vermin as well as family pets. A Hot Bin can be a good solution, taking up no more space than a green garden waste wheelie-bin, but it requires careful management of the nitrogen to carbon ratio. Don’t choose this method just for food waste; fermentation is a better option for our climate.


All food waste, cooked and uncooked, can go in, except large bones; preferably cut up if you want quick composting. Also mixed green waste from the garden, but nothing that can’t be cut by secateurs or the lawnmower. With food waste, it’s essential to add a bulking material such as dry broken twigs or wood chips, plus paper to dry out the waste (perfect for shredded confidential office papers). You can make your own, but there are many kinds available for sale with added features like built-in thermometers and biofilters against spores and smells. There’s a lot of useful information at

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