A dedicated task force of individuals from across your organisation can channel all the ideas and energy you need to deliver lasting and meaningful change.


When it comes to reducing emissions, a significant part of the challenge is behaviour change. But in an organisation operating in a challenging environment, it’s easy for the day job to get in the way. Staff need to be involved in shaping the plan, empowered to act and supported to deliver.

Assemble the team

The people you need don’t necessarily need to be the green activists, as long as you can articulate the business case for taking part. Benefits include cost savings, brand building, improved morale and a sense of community.

The people you need are:

  • Enthusiastic
  • Good communicators
  • Keen to achieve

Ideally, your green team should be recruited from across the organisation and represent all levels of seniority. Senior management support is key to ensure staff have a mandate to invest time and energy and that projects aren’t blocked.

Get started

A great way to start is to outline the organisation’s climate change and environmental sustainability goals and challenge the team to come up with a programme of actions and activities that support them. That ownership is really beneficial in keeping staff motivated and maintaining momentum for tasks that are above and beyond their day job.

Acknowledge and Celebrate

When milestones and targets are achieved, make sure that credit is given to the green team and successes celebrated

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