If we just had just one car free day every week, we could save over £120 a year on petrol bills and around 300 kilograms of CO2 emissions as well.


Our health is being damaged every day as a result of air pollution, with the most vulnerable in particular being put at risk. Tailpipe emissions are the main contributor to poor air quality in Reading.
By choosing to travel by other methods we can reduce both carbon emissions and airborne pollutants, and if we choose active travel methods like cycling and walking there are valuable health benefits, too.

8% of all car journeys taken across the UK are under 5 miles – and 23% are under 1 mile


Walking and cycling became increasingly popular during the COVID-19 pandemic, and Reading benefitted from additional funding for improvements to its cycling provision. There are numerous programmes to make cycling safer and more affordable, from Cycling Proficiency Training to the tax-free Bikes for Work programme. In Reading have a number of local services to help you maintain your bike and increase your confidence as a cyclist.

For the school run, ask your school to consider introducing a “Walking Bus” service.

Reading’s buses run on a variety of alternative fuels that reduce their harmful emissions, and many of our local train services run on electrified lines, too.

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