Even if you take other measures to reduce your carbon emissions, a single flight can wipe out those savings.


Until it was interrupted by COVID-19, aviation was the fastest-growing contributor to carbon dioxide emissions globally. Although aviation currently makes up less than 5% of global emissions, this is because most people on the planet have never been on a plane; these same people will be hit first and hardest by climate breakdown.

For those who can afford it, flying can make up the single largest part of their carbon footprint. And having been grounded for a few months, maybe it will be easier to break the habit.


If you used to fly for pleasure, why not try holidaying in the UK? Or take a trip by train or ferry – both of which have substantially lower footprints than a flight. The Man in Seat 61 is a great source of inspiration for holidays by rail.

If your air travel was mainly for business, videoconferencing and other online meeting technologies are now well-adopted – even if some international meetings still need to be held face to face.

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