Switching to a green energy provider is one of the easiest and quickest ways to reduce your carbon footprint. 


Decarbonising the energy grid is a priority if the UK is to achieve its carbon targets and renewables capacity is growing steadily. By buying energy on a green tariff you can contribute to the creation of additional renewable energy capacity. In addition to the big energy providers introducing green tariffs, there are companies who specialise in selling only green energy. It doesn’t necessarily cost more and could save you money.


There are many online services that allow you to quickly and easily compare green energy tariffs to get the best deal in your area and start saving money on your energy bills. Big Clean Switch is just one.

It’s worth paying attention to the small print, however, as suppliers who offer both “green” and “brown” energy don’t always contribute to new renewables capacity but simply divert their existing green capacity to customers who have specifically requested it and away from those who haven’t.

There’s good advice in this Which article on “How Green Is Your Energy Tariff?”

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